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Lately businesses are buying large format (>32 inch) LCDs for video conferencing, boardrooms, receptions, and for a number of applications such as retail showroom advertising and surveillance. A key question being asked is whether they should buy an LCD monitor (also called LCD information display panel) or an LCD TV. Some people think that an LCD TV is an LCD monitor plus a TV tuner and they are surprised to find that an LCD monitor may cost more than an LCD TV. For them, it just doesn’t make sense.

Here’s what is an LCD monitor and what it is not:

A better image for LCD monitor: An LCD monitor produces higher quality images and has high brightness and contrast levels as well. An LCD TV is likely not going to offer the same resolution as an LCD monitor! This is could be very important when viewing data.

A longer-life more rugged-dust proof system: An LCD monitor is a closed end device with no fans and moving parts. An LCD TV usually has a fan, is not a closed box and may have moving parts. Most LCD monitors can be operated on a 24/7 basis however LCD TVs can not and the numbers of hours that an LCD TV can be operated should be checked. Typically LCD monitor has a life of 50,000 hours or more.

An LCD monitor can be operated 24/7: An LCD TV cannot and built for max 6-8 hour continuous operation.

Are you looking to connect displays together for advertising effect? An LCD Monitor can be easily connected together to create a video wall. The bezel can be removed and the gap between the monitors can be minimal and there are connection outlets in the monitor so that an image can be displayed across monitors to seem as one large image. This cannot be done in an LCD TV. LCD Monitors can be connected in a mirror image format so that the same image appears in all the monitors at the same time.

Lower energy consumption: The energy consumed by LCD monitor is very less and since the electro-magnetic radiations emitted are also less, it is also less hazardous to health.

Monitors can be networked: An LCD Monitor can be connected to the network and remotely controlled and monitored. As a business anyone would want to know which monitors are working and which are not from one central location so that a technician can be dispatched to take care of faulty monitors and this can easily be done incase of an LCD monitor. Further networked LCD monitors allow for remote content management and scheduling as well which is an added advantage for big businesses.

Should you buy an LCD monitor vs. LCD TV? Consider the different variables and make the knowledgeable choice.

For more information on LCD monitors check out LCD monitor sites such as Sharp, NEC and Samsung.

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Businesses are rapidly adopting large high definition TVs and monitors for advertising, video conferencing, conference rooms, entertainment and information display, among other uses. We talked with a number of audio visual consultants, system integrators, distributors, vendors and customers and found there was confusion and misunderstanding as to what is better – LCD or Plasma for large screen use for various applications. Understandable, considering the rapidly evolving technologies, numerous choices, the gamut of reviews and the various applications these large screens are being used. We are hoping we can clarify but research the technologies yourself and make the knowledgeable choice.

Quick Introduction to the Technology: Plasma screens use a matrix of plasma gas cells which are charged by electrical voltage to create a picture. LCD screens are made up of liquid crystals placed between two glass plates. Below we compare the two technologies on features important to businesses.

LCD vs. Plasma Comparison: Size

LCDs are generally lighter and thinner as they don't contain the gas-filled chambers and heavy glass panels present in plasmas. Historical wisdom was that larger size screens available were Plasma while smaller size screens were LCDs. Today, commercially, Panasonic has 103” plasma while Sharp offers 108” LCD. Smaller size Plasma screens are currently not available. A draw for large size screens. Smaller size Plasma screens are currently not available.

LCD vs. Plasma for Screen Size: A draw for large size screens.

LCD vs. Plasma Comparison: Picture Quality

A number of variables go into picture quality. We will outline them and summarize the findings.

Video Resolution: High resolution is available for both Plasma and LCD screens and resolution is usually comparable for both technologies (1920x1080 is considered as high resolution and available in both Plasma and LCD screens). Lower price models for both Plasma and LCDs have lower resolution and typically for <45”>

Data Resolution: Data resolution for LCDs is much better than for Plasma. The number of pixels per square inch on an LCD display is typically higher than any other display technology including Plasma, so LCD monitors are especially good at displaying large amounts of data. For the same reasons, LCD screens will also be better screens for video gaming than Plasma screens. Plasma displays produce a very jaggy image when viewing static images from computer images. Users may want to consider a commercial version plasma if their application calls for a lot of computer use.

Color Accuracy: Plasma color richness and naturalness will prevail in rooms with lower to normal lighting due to higher contrast ratio. LCD screen contrast ratio is relatively lower, but with anti-glare & brightness features of LCD screens, LCDs will be better in ambient light or in brightly lit rooms. As businesses usually work during the day in ambient light, LCDs are more desirable for most business applications.

Viewing Angle: Plasma manufacturers have made much of their 160° viewing angles. However with new LCDs the view angles are 158°. There is not much difference between the two technologies in viewing angle.

Burn-in: There have been concerns with burn-in for Plasma screens especially for static images. However, many Plasma manufacturers have improved their anti-burn in technology. There are no burn-in issues with LCD screens.

LCD vs. Plasma for Picture Quality: LCD wins.

LCD vs. Plasma Comparison: Life of the Screen

LCDs can be operated 24x7 for 50,000+ hours equivalent to 5+ years of continuous viewing. Plasma, on the other hand, utilizes slight electric currents to excite a combination of noble gases (i.e., argon, neon, xenon), which glow red, blue, and/or green. This is an essentially active phenomenon, so the phosphoric elements in plasma displays fade over time. Typically half life is 30,000 hours but some manufacturers state a new half life of 60,000 hours. At half life, the phosphors in a plasma screen will glow half as brightly as they did when the set was new. There is no way to replace these gases; the display simply continues to become dimmer with use. An LCD TV will last as long as its backlight - and in many models the backlight bulbs can be replaced! Since this is nothing more than light passing through a prismatic substrate, there is essentially nothing to wear out in an LCD monitor.

LCD vs. Plasma for Screen Life: LCD wins.

LCD vs. Plasma Comparison: Power consumption

Plasma TVs use more power than LCD – twice as much. Plasmas use electricity to light each and every pixel you see on a screen - even the dark ones. Also, note Plasma TVs get heated up quickly and require fans to cool the TV.

However, some manufacturers point out that the power use of a plasma TV is directly dependent on picture brightness, whereas an LCD picture requires a constant source of illumination. The theory goes that plasma should use less power over time. But in reality plasma TVs require significantly more power to achieve the same brightness level as an LCD. This is significant, since your investment on UPS (higher KVA) will have to be much larger to give similar backup to a system using Plasma. No wonder, IBMs & HPs never even considered Plasma for their Laptop screens!

LCD vs. Plasma for Power Consumption: LCD wins.

LCD vs. Plasma Comparison: Lightness and Versatility

Both types of flat-panel screens can be wall-mounted. Plasma sets weigh a lot more than LCD screens (even those of comparable screen-size), so setting them up or moving around could be a problem, especially wall mounting in new houses with stud walling. Further the bezel for LCD screens can be removed and a video wall solution can be created – can be quite valuable for advertising and monitoring

LCD vs. Plasma for Lightness and Versatility: LCD wins.

To summarize, while for home video solutions, Plasma may be an OK choice, but for office and professional usage, LCD is definitely the correct choice!

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An LCD monitor, or Liquid Crystal Display monitor, is a screen actively sought after as a large format TV screen or an advertising screen as a result of the highest quality images produced on these screens.

Top 10 items to consider when buying and LCD Monitor:

1. Resolution Quality: Some of the key features to consider when buying an LCD monitor are resolution quality and aspect ratio. In the era of Blue-ray and high definition, it is important to buy a Full HD monitor and not go with HD ready.

2. Number of USB Hubs: These hubs usually come with the display. They prove to be very useful for plugging various media devices directly to the display vs. going through a central medial player.

3. Pixel Defects: Sometimes, when the same image is left on the screen for long, the pixels get worn out or are dead. This develops a black or white dot on the screen, thus not producing any image in that area. Pixel defects may be as a result of manufacturing defects. Make sure the warranty covers Pixel defects or spotting defects.

4. Attached Speaker Evaluation: Some monitors come with attached speaker systems. This is usually expensive when compared to the separate speaker system and usually poor quality than a stand alone system. If such an attached speaker system is available in the monitor, then it should be noted that a quick-mute button and readily accessible volume controls should be available in the monitor itself.

5. Viewing Angle: Most new LCD monitors have wide viewing angles. It is important to consider viewing-angle performance if you plan to use the monitor to view images or movies. The best way to judge is to see the unit in person.

6. Digital interfaces: Data interfaces are very important for businesses. For example, as a business you would like to remotely manage and control the various LCD monitors. Businesses should strongly consider LCD information display (also called Professional Displays) vs. an LCD TV. The Professional Displays come with the right variety of interfaces. If entertainment and TV show watching are the only concerns then interfaces are less important as most LCD monitors come with adequate interfaces.

7. Bright Pixel Elimination Feature: New LCD monitors have bright pixel elimination feature that ensures if a failed pixel occurs on the monitor, it is effectively invisible to the viewer. Not a must-have but a good feature to have.

8. Configuration Programming Software: Included programs that let you configure display settings using your computer keyboard or mouse are a big improvement over struggling with tiny front-panel buttons.

9. Portrait Capability: Increasingly portrait format is being used for exhibitions and store displays. Be sure to check that the LCD monitor you are buying supports the portrait format. Using landscape format in portrait can result in reducing the life of the LCD monitor. Portrait-capable LCDs, however, often have superior viewing-angle performance. Not all LCD monitors.

10. Included Cables: Last but not the least item is to check to see what cables are included. Manufacturers often don't provide the digital cable on dual-input models.

As a wrap-up, with technologies such as LCD monitors, it pays to buy the new generation solution as it will extend the time you will use the monitor.