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Everyone is familiar with the picture of people walking or driving about with these devices hanging off one side of their heads. They’ve got their mobile phone in their pocket or on the hands free bracket in the car and they can control calls from a simple set of interactions with the multi function button on the headset.

Having had a Nokia device come with my phone, and having used it on several occasions, either for hands-free calling while driving or as a headset for conf calls while at home. My experience of them has been of a fair amount of discomfort after a short period of time. No matter how I try to adjust the angle of the headset it causes annoying painful discomfort across the whole ear. The sound quality is acceptable but as it is a mono device it is not always the best way to concentrate on a conversation in a noisy environment.

Also many phones second as a very able portable music player, however, many of these headsets are not able to carry that particular audio signal from the media player on the device. Therefore the users needs to resort to a traditional wired headphones, directly connected to the device via the audio jack. Read More Comfortable Wireless Freedom with a Stereo Bluetooth Headset


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