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One of the big joint venture in mobile manufacture industry Sony Ericsson is going towards its end if the roumer is going to grip its reality. This is a biggest shock now going in the industry and Sony Ericsson lovers are really confused about it. I think Sony Ericsson has to clear all the roumers to the public.

This came to me as a shocker. Ericsson, which is one of the JV partners in Sony Ericsson handset business is rumoredly moving out of the venture. I read this at the Boy Genius Report. BGR says, a German magazine has reported that Ericsson wants to pull out its stake from Sony Ericsson and concentrate on its core competency, back-end network, telecommunications infrastructure and Sony, the other JV partner, has expressed its interest to buy Ericsson’s stake.Read More Rumors In Ground That Ericsson Moving Out of the Sony Ericsson Joint Venture?


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