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Sony Ericsson disclose four new panels for its Xperia X1 smartphone that will be available for download from mid-march March 2009. Here we have four new panels for your Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

The CNN panel will constantly update with the latest news, sports, and weather, all of which can be tailored to your location. You’ll also be able to access CNN’s "i-Report" citizen journalism tool. The Skype panel will offer quick access to the calling service. You’ll be able to tell which of your friends are online, browse contacts, and call and instant message your friends.
If you’re ready for gaming, you can use the Mytopia panel to play bingo and poker with other users around the world and collect virtual coins. Finally for those always on the move, Sony Ericsson prepared the so called “On the Road” panel which offers direct access to your music playlists and tracks, navigation tools and easy to use call-handling.

For the record, since Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia X1 in Q4 2008, close to 420,000 panels have been downloaded around the world. Read More Sony Ericsson disclose four New Xperia X1 panels

Samsung S5600 affordable touchscreen phone

This one we’ve missed during the Mobile World Congress. Aside from unveiling a range of powerful devices at the event, Samsung also announced the GT-S5600, an affordable touchscreen phone. There’s no doubts this baby will compete head-to-head with LG’s Cookie aka KP500, appealing to those who dig the “touch idea,” yet don’t want to spend fortunes on a handset.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much details at this stage. There’s some camera on board, Bluetooth, media player and Samsung’s own TouchWiz user interface. Exact release date is also unknown, but we’ve heard the Korean giant intends to push this baby to the market as soon as possible. We’ll be watching closely, have no doubts about it…

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Everyone is familiar with the picture of people walking or driving about with these devices hanging off one side of their heads. They’ve got their mobile phone in their pocket or on the hands free bracket in the car and they can control calls from a simple set of interactions with the multi function button on the headset.

Having had a Nokia device come with my phone, and having used it on several occasions, either for hands-free calling while driving or as a headset for conf calls while at home. My experience of them has been of a fair amount of discomfort after a short period of time. No matter how I try to adjust the angle of the headset it causes annoying painful discomfort across the whole ear. The sound quality is acceptable but as it is a mono device it is not always the best way to concentrate on a conversation in a noisy environment.

Also many phones second as a very able portable music player, however, many of these headsets are not able to carry that particular audio signal from the media player on the device. Therefore the users needs to resort to a traditional wired headphones, directly connected to the device via the audio jack. Read More Comfortable Wireless Freedom with a Stereo Bluetooth Headset

It is beginning to look like Sony Ericsson may be having a little competition with their 12 megapixel Idou mobile phone quite soon as LG has committed to releasing their own 12 megapixel camera phone sometime this year.

LG UK marketing head, Jeremy Newing has confirmed LG is likely to release a 12 megapixel handset to compete in the megapixel race while at Mobile World Congress 2009.

LG, unlike Sony Ericsson or even Samsung, doesn’t have stand alone camera segments to protect and thus is more likely to produce more complete features so to compete with dedicated camera. A 12MP cameraphone will probably generate 3MB files which should be ok for local storage but would take slightly longer to send. Read More LG take up 12MP gauntlet to combat Sony Ericsson Idou

The Only business mobiles in the world with most up to date and perfect business mobile phones are Blackberry’s. The have almost every important feature which bussines required and with this you can save your time, money and also with this you can manage your life. Today i have some application for which are neccssary for your Blackberry. You can say that Blackberry is useless with out these application or mus have application for your Blackberry.

its always difficult to search a most wanted and important softwares, games and application for your devices but i am happy that i got some of must have Blackberry application for you. here we have a list of these applications.

BlackBerry | NEW! eOffice 4.5 - Document Production & Attachment Editing: MS Word and Excel | DynoPlex Inc.NEW! eOffice 4.5 - Document Production & Attachment Editing: MS Word and Excel

Complete set of office productivity tools; word processor and spreadsheet editor - MS Office compatible. Read More NEW! eOffice 4.5

BlackBerry | Documents To Go for BlackBerry | DataViz, Inc.Documents To Go for BlackBerry

Native Microsoft® Word, Excel® & PowerPoint® files on your BlackBerry® Smartphone. Read More Native Microsoft® Word, Excel® & PowerPoint® files on your BlackBerry® Smartphone. Documents To Go for BlackBerry

BlackBerry | Contacts Manager for Blackberry | Infodev Technologies, Inc.

Contacts Manager for Blackberry

It helps to keep tracks all the contacts information form your Blackberry . User can save all the Home, Business and Personal Information of their contacts and address book. Read More Contacts Manager for Blackberry

BlackBerry | SMS Eraser | BigString Corporation

SMS Eraser

SMS Erase allows you to send self-destructing text and pictures to anyone. Manage and create groups for regular or destructing texts. Protect your SMSs from being saved forever. Read More SMS Eraser

BlackBerry | Pack of Oxford Dictionaries | Paragon Technologie GMBH

Pack of Oxford Dictionaries

Top-ranked English dictionaries from Oxford University Press. Contains Concise Oxford English Dictionary,Concise Oxford Thesaurus,Oxford Russian Dictionary (total 154 895 entries) Read More Pack of Oxford Dictionaries

BlackBerry | Handy Weather for BlackBerry (3-months subscription) | Paragon Technologie GMBH

Handy Weather for BlackBerry

Handy Weather for BalckBerry - the most accurate weather forecasts for over 40,000 cities directly on your BlackBerry. Get a complete weather center at your fingertips! Read More Handy Weather for BlackBerry

BlackBerry | PocketStreamer: Live music and radio on the GO | e-Mobile Software, Inc.

PocketStreamer: Live music and radio on the GO

Live music and news radio from anywhere at anytime! Create your Own Jukebox by adding your favorite stations.Read More PocketStreamer: Live music and radio on the GO

BlackBerry | Black and Whitelist | i-softwarelabs

Black and Whitelist

STOP spam phone calls. Black & Whitelist for blackberry phones detect incoming calls and auto-reject unwanted callers.Block numbers even if they’re unknown or private. Read More Black and Whitelist

BlackBerry | e-Mobile Today Professional Edition | e-Mobile Software, Inc.

e-Mobile Today Professional Edition

Next generation all-in-one PIM management! (contacts, tasks, appointment, calls, email, sms). Add more with news, stocks, weather add-ons. Revolutionize BlackBerry Today!. Read More e-Mobile Today Professional Edition

BlackBerry | BBSmart HTML Email Viewer | BBSmart

BBSmart HTML Email Viewer

View HTML Emails like you’ve never seen them before with the most advanced BlackBerry Email Viewer ever! See Real Smileys, Images, Colors and More… BBSmart HTML Email Viewer

BlackBerry | Universal Converter for Blackberry | Sparkle Solutions, Inc.

Universal Converter

33 Categories, 632 Units, 38099 Conversions. Complete Collection of Unit Converters. Professionally Designed User-Interface. Rated as Behemoth of Converters by Pocket PC Magazine. Read More Universal Converter

BlackBerry | My Employees for Blackberry | Sparkle Solutions, Inc.My Employees for Blackberry

Finest way to track Employees with Basic, Personal, Contact, Project, Work and Salary Details. Extensive tools with Flexible Search option. Pleasant and Easy User-Interface. Read More My Employees for Blackberry

BlackBerry | Finance Manager for Blackberry | Sparkle Solutions, Inc.Finance Manager

Finest way to track your Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Investments, Loans and Insurances. All the details can be tracked with respect to name. Pleasant and Easy User Interface. Read More Finance Manager

BlackBerry | World Almanac for BlackBerry  | Mobifusion, Inc.

World Almanac for BlackBerry

The World Almanac and Book of Facts is the Best-Selling Reference Book of all time. It has the maximum information that can possibly be gathered under a single source! Read More World Almanac for BlackBerry

BlackBerry | FreeCell BB | inDev SoftwareFreeCell BB

FreeCell is an implementation of the well-known FreeCell solitaire for BlackBerry phones. This implementation combines natural

gameplay, high-res graphics and many game options. Read More FreeCell BB

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Handy Weather for mobile phones

Handy Weather for Mobile phone - the most accurate weather forecasts for over 40,000 cities directly on your mobile phone. Get a complete weather center at your fingertips! Read More Handy Weather for mobile phones


Access to pre-defined content, radio station across all categories - Pop, Rock, Classical, Bollywood, Devotional, Oldies, Regional, Instrumental, and International Read More WORLD TV

MSDict Pocket Oxford English Dictionary

An OXFORD English dictionary bundle consisting of the best-selling Pocket Oxford English Dictionary and the Oxford Thesaurus with over 140,000 words and phrases over 365,000 alternative and opposite words. Read More MSDict Pocket Oxford English Dictionary



Take a picture and try to stop laughing as Face Warping finds and warps all faces in the image. Share the fun with friends by mms or e-mail.Does your best friend look like a monster? Ever suspected your cone-headed neighbour is really an alien? Read more about FaceWarp


UltraIM UltraIM Pro

UltraIM Pro is the best, feature-rich mobile MSN client. It supports not only text chatting, Smileys, but also files and photos sharing between MSN clients and mobile MSN clients. Furthermore, UltraIM Pro also supports other advanced MSN features, like "MSN display picture" changing and receiving. Read More UltraIM UltraIM Pro


Mobiola Video Studio (Java)

YouTube, DVD to mobile with one drag and drop mouse move! Video converter (variety of formats) and remote file manager. Blazing fast performance, best quality, automatic settings. Read More About Mobiola Video Studio (Java)


IM+ for Skype

Chat with Skype friends, call any PC/mobile/landline phone from Symbian S60 and UIQ wherever you are, regardless of the WiFi zones. Pure Skype quality of calls. IM+ for Skype is Skype Certified. Read More IM+ for Skype


SafeStore Gold Edition

SafeStore Midlet Gold Edition is an utility for storing passwords and other sensitive information and protecting them with a global password. SafeStore is an password manager and an electronic wallet for java phone.Read More SafeStore Gold Edition


Shop & Go

Shop&Go is aimed at saving you time and effort before and during shopping trips. It is useful in evaluating your upcoming shopping and hence planning your budget accordingly. Read More Shop & Go


Handy Converter

Handy Converter for Mobile phone - your all-in-one currency and unit conversion solution. No matter what you need to convert into, this easy-to-use tool has the accurate answer. Read More Handy Converte

Nokia and blackberry the leading mobile manufacturers are in process of making deal where Blackberry (RIM) provide support to the Nokia latest devices. You may recall several months ago, just about the time the E66 and E71 were announced, that Nokia also revealed it would be discontinuing support for BlackBerry service on its S60-powered smartphones. This was a huge deal, and the post was one of our most popular for several months afterwards. However, in a recent Rueters interview, Tom Furlong, head of Nokia Messaging, let us know that RIM is preparing its own support for Nokia devices.

It’s been several months now since Nokia announced their new E71 and E66 devices, and while the announcement came as great news to S60 and Nokia fans, Nokia darkened their day by letting them all know that BlackBerry Connect was not going to be supported on Nokia devices any longer. Nokia’s explanation of course was that their devices and new email system they were working on (Nokia Messaging) was a much better email solution as it catered to all users, not just business users. In a recent interview with Tom Furlong, Nokia’s head of messaging, he stated that Nokia’s messaging service is up and running and people are using it but he also mentioned the following as well. Source (CrackBerry)

A frantic action Blackberry game starts when our hero is mysteriously swept away from his vacation cruise and finds himself on a haunted volcano island...Enjoy the brilliant graphics of this game for Blackberry phones , mystic island flavor and addictive gameplay!

Escape the everyday for an enchanted tropical adventure of Blackberry Game. This frantic action game starts when our hero is mysteriously swept away from his vacation cruise and finds himself on a haunted volcano island. Surrounded by treasures and haunted by spirits, there's nowhere to hide. "Think on your feet"; and help our hero to outwit the spirits, navigate the maze, and collect all the items to advance to the next level... Read More 3D Volcano Island For BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, 8800 series

Interesting round up, now It seems that Twitter has made a rush as of late - especially with BlackBerry users. Twitter the most know and best practice social networking application services are available in the form of IM, SMS and WAP - but as every demanding BlackBerry user knows, a powerful easy to use app is the way to go for any mobile service.

CB reviews: Until recently, we were stuck with only a few Twitter applications for Blackberry devices such as TwitterBerry and BlackBird. Later down the road TinyTwitter came along, and then there was Twibble which was ported over from the N95. A few weeks ago we got word of SocialScope which shows amazing promise in its early alpha stages, and yesterday our friends at BerryReview let us know about BBTweet. There is also Twitter functionality being worked into a new version of Viigo which we learned about at CES. So if you aren’t a Twitter user or just haven’t started tweeting from your BlackBerry, here is a quick roundup of the pros and cons to these applications. The best part by far is that they are all free. Read More…