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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twitter Clients For Blackberry!!

Interesting round up, now It seems that Twitter has made a rush as of late - especially with BlackBerry users. Twitter the most know and best practice social networking application services are available in the form of IM, SMS and WAP - but as every demanding BlackBerry user knows, a powerful easy to use app is the way to go for any mobile service.

CB reviews: Until recently, we were stuck with only a few Twitter applications for Blackberry devices such as TwitterBerry and BlackBird. Later down the road TinyTwitter came along, and then there was Twibble which was ported over from the N95. A few weeks ago we got word of SocialScope which shows amazing promise in its early alpha stages, and yesterday our friends at BerryReview let us know about BBTweet. There is also Twitter functionality being worked into a new version of Viigo which we learned about at CES. So if you aren’t a Twitter user or just haven’t started tweeting from your BlackBerry, here is a quick roundup of the pros and cons to these applications. The best part by far is that they are all free. Read More…


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